JerkStopper Laptop AC Power Cord Safety Kit

Technically it's a CRD (Cable Retention Device) designed to utilize any existing port (USB, RJ11 or RJ45) on a laptop computer as a stay or restraint to keep the very fragile AC power connector from being damaged. Repairs to this connector can range from $100 to $250 or more if repairable. JerkStopper is the catchy or retail descriptive name chosen for the final product. The patented JerkStopper Cable AC Cord Safety kit keeps you and others from causing costly damage to your Laptop Computer. If you can't charge your laptop, it's just a doorstop!! The JerkStopper fits all laptop computers equipped with an RJ11 (modem), RJ45 (network) or a USB Port. The JerkStopper Laptop Safety kit is the one accessory your Laptop should have come with from the factory. $ 9.95 plus shipping gets you 3 JerkStoppers? (1 each USB, RJ45, RJ11) plus detailed instructions plus a 1 year money back guarantee.
JerkStopper Laptop AC Power Cord Safety Kit
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Price $9.95